Soundpost is a Sheffield based artist led organisation that coordinates a range of participatory events, exploring folk traditions through practical workshops, performances, debate and discussion. 

Support Us

Hello kind Soundpost friends, thank you for all your support attending events and being a part of our community, and now for considering supporting us financially. Soundpost is a not-for-profit community focused organisation run by a voluntary board with volunteers at events, and the amazing Helen taking a small admin role to help keep the ship afloat. We believe in paying artists properly and work to receive grants for many of our projects to ensure they are. On the whole everything is working well, however, we have found two areas that we thought you might be interested to support:

Running Costs

The project-by-project nature of the grants means that some of the ongoing day-to-day costs of running the organisation get missed. These are not so sexy to funders, and we struggle to get ongoing support for staff training, website management, insurance etc. This is where we thought you might come in... If enough of our family are able to contribute a small amount each month, it would keep those overhead costs ticking over and let us focus on the exciting projects we all know and love like Folk Factory and delivering more weekends or day long workshops. We have listed these in terms of cost of beer to help you see what the real cost it is to you – rest assured, we won't actually be spending it on pop and crisps!


We are committed to attracting and enabling younger people to get involved and want to offer bursaries wherever possible. Removing the financial barrier helps some people significantly and in future years we have seen them come back for more, so it clearly works. We have had a couple of informal donors supporting bursaries in the past, and wanted to open the opportunity up to more people. These donations will be used specifically in our work to engage more 18-30 year olds in folk and traditional music.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. If you are able to support us it would be greatly appreciated. We have included options for every sized pocket and are using a tried and tested third party so you can opt in and out easily and safely.