Soundpost is a Sheffield based artist led organisation that coordinates a range of participatory events, exploring folk traditions through practical workshops, performances, debate and discussion. 

Royal Traditions

Royal Traditions was started by Fay Hield and Jon Boden in February 2009. Our aim was to keep singing at the Royal Hotel, famous for its carol singing at Christmas, going throughout the year. The first event featured Will Noble and John Cocking and this, along with most subsequent events, was a sell-out success.

The format is designed to maximise singing, so there are ‘house songs’ which everyone is encouraged to sing along with intermittently throughout the evening (see the page for these). The guest starts at 8pm on the dot and finishes relatively early (about 10pm) allowing time for a singing session from those who wish to stay.

The guest programme is intended to be accessible and celebratory of great singers and musicians. We don’t tend to book the celebrity folk stars of the day, preferring tried and tested singers who have been doing it for love for many years.

The club runs in the main room of the pub. We sell as many seats as it’s possible to squeeze into the space, but there is always standing room with good views of the ‘stage’ for those that want. The hat is passed round to those without a paid-up seat for contributions. As other people also drink in the pub there can be some background noise – be warned – this is part of the Royal Traditions experience and adds to our unique charm.

Royal Traditions is a non-commercial venture and all the ticket and hat money goes straight to the artist. We fund our advertising expenses and ‘the kitty’ through the ever-lovable raffle.