Soundpost Singing Weekend: The Fairy Gathering

Posted: 18 Feb 19

We’re getting really excited about our next Singing Weekend in May and hope you can be there! Tickets are available here!

We have some fantastic artists joining us. Here’s a bit more about them...

Fay Hield

Fay makes new music from archival sources, weaving the old into new words and sounds that resonate with the people and places she encounters. She has toured and recorded with various BBC Radio 2 Folk Award winning projects, including curating The Full English Band and her own group, The Hurricane Party. Her research at The University of Sheffield looks at the English folk scene to discover how it builds a sense of community, how artists play with traditional materials and how audiences receive them.

Lucy Farrell

Lucy has been a member of several highly acclaimed bands including Eliza Carthy’s Big Machine and The Furrow Collective. An inveterate collaborator, many have been entranced by Lucy’s haunting and quintessentially English voice, subtle and instinctive musicianship and her ability to connect emotionally with an audience. Lucy works with ballads that inspire her own compositions, but in their own handed-down beauty and strangeness tell fantastical stories beyond our imaginations.

Ben Nicholls

Ben is a double bass player and multi-instrumental musician whose work crosses many genres. He has performed and recorded in studios and stages across the world. As a singer and instrumentalist he is known for his work with the Full English and also as a co-writer on the Mercury Music Prize nominated Nadine Shah album ‘Holiday Destination’, as well as featuring on many TV shows, films and adverts. He has also released several albums with his own bands Kings of The South Seas, Dennis Hopper Choppers and Menlo Park.

Ewan MacPherson

Now based in the Highlands Ewan has worked as a multi-instrumentalist in the vibrant Scottish scene for 20 years. Ewan is a member of Shooglenifty and Salt House, and has taken stages around the world with a wide range of traditional and contemporary folk/roots artists. Liverpool born with family ties to Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Ewan completed a BA at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and was later nominated for Instrumentalist of the Year at the 2014 MG Alba Trad Music Awards.

Terri Windling

Terri is an American editor, artist, essayist, and the author of award winning books for children and adults. One of the primary creative forces behind the 1980s mythic fiction resurgence Terri is recognized as one of the founders of the urban fantasy genre, having published the first novels of Charles de Lint, Emma Bull, and other pioneers of the form. As an author, Terri’s fiction includes The Wood Wife and several children's books. As an artist, Terri’s work is inspired by myth, folklore, and fairy tales. Her art has been exhibited across the US, as well as in the UK and France.

Marry Waterson

Part of the Waterson family musical dynasty, Marry has thrived on communal music making while developing highly original and distinctly English performance styles of her own. Words appear, phrased in a way that suggests music. With melody comes rhythm, her interior playground is a place where real life is refracted through the myths, legends and proverbs that shape the “folk memory”. Inscriptions on headstones; Aesop’s Fables; Japanese superstitions – all have their part to play. Three time BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominee, Marry has released four albums on the One Little Indian label and has worked with many stellar musicians including Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley and Portishead's Adrian Utley.

Barney Morse-Brown

Duotone (the alias of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and live looper Barney Morse-Brown) is an alchemist, weaving a plethora of instruments including his pioneering and unconventional cello playing and masterful use of a looper for his gentle vocals, into a blanket of intimacy. Barney learnt the cello age six, he went on to study at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and to win a scholarship in baroque cello at the Royal College of Music. Barney has since worked with many high-profile musicians including Maya Youssef, The Imagined Village and multi-platinum award-winning artist Birdy, with whom he toured all over the world.