Posted: 28 Apr 20

We are delighted to be adding Jess Arrowsmith, Kate Thompson and Harriet Johnson to our list of tutors for the singing weekend. All 3 are singing specialists and bring their own unique contributions to the weekend.

Jess has a passion for social singing and a wealth of experience in both teaching and performance. She specialises in helping singers or would be singers build confidence, improve their technique and unblock barriers. Her current musical CV includes Melrose Quartet, Arrowsmith:Robb Trio and duo and solo work. Jess will be leading big sings, small group masterclasses, 1-1 sessions and harmony improvisation sessions.

Kate is the former general manager of Soundpost and so has an intimate link with the weekends! She is also a sought after voice specialist who delivers voice, singing and music education workshops in an exciting variety of contexts. She has recently completed postgraduate research under the tutelage of voice specialists Jenevora Williams and Declan Costello, focussing on folk singers and their approaches to singing.

Harriet is a voice specialist and music educator who works extensively with singers, choral societies and educators as a prime advocate of vocal health and safe singing. Her most recent post-graduate research focused on voice science in the choral setting. She is now studying Speech and Language Therapy in order to further her clinical knowledge of voice.