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Every Tuesday

We are delighted to partner with our friends at #tradsongtues. Join the conversation!


Each Tuesday, on Twitter we post and retweet contributions at intervals throughout the day and evening. We welcome exciting findings, recordings, photos, quotes, blogs and other oddments. You can follow the posts at #TradSongTues on Twitter or https://www.facebook.com/trads... on Facebook and contribute yourself, sharing your favourite songs and videos around the weekly theme which is posted on the preceding Thursday.

We are a small, but perfectly formed, team of volunteers who share a love and passion for traditional song and music, led by Fay Hield, with Nicola Beazley, Kirsty Greenfield, Jenna Walker and Andy McMillan helping to keep those fantastic trad songs coming to you.

To add to this content, we've made some podcasts and blogs for the website exploring in more detail some of the themes and content of the Twitter feed with some of the people who contribute. Please enjoy them and share them if you like.

Posts include exciting findings, recordings, photos, quotes, blogs and other oddments. You are welcome to just follow us and look at the posts but we’d love you to contribute too as the whole thing relies on people sending in interesting things that others are interested in seeing.

Next week we will have a bit more information on the Trad Song Tues team and will look at having a special new feature each week on the site.


#TradSongTues and https://www.facebook.com/trads... runs every Tuesday. You can tweet or post at any point during the day or even the week, our team will post and retweet on Tuesdays broadly during these sessions times (GMT):

  • 8.30am-10am
  • 11.30am-1pm
  • 3.30pm-5pm
  • 7pm-8.30pm

You can send in anything you find interesting, but to help give us focus a themes for each week is announced on the preceding Thursday to give you time to find and record things...


Simply visit the #TradSongTues or https://www.facebook.com/trads... to see all posts with the hashtag or follow @TradSongTues on Twitter and Facebook for our posts and retweets. You can now also keep an eye on these through our new website. Read the posts that you find interesting and retweet or post any you like and want to share. Please do comment if there is something that excites you or if you have a question. If you would like to contribute a post to #TradSongTues, tweet the title of the song or a little information about it, along with a link to the image/video/article, and type #TradSongTues at the end of your tweet. .


We are relatively new to this, so still working out the boundaries - obviously any definition of traditional song is a can of worms! Our inspiration is for the thread to celebrate traditional songs and their singers from the UK and further afield however you wish for now. Let’s grow together… Here are some ideas for things to share:

  • Traditional songs (in written or recorded forms)
  • Information about singers and collectors
  • Debates around traditional song
  • Photos or information about events where traditional singing happens

Please refrain from tweeting:

  • Anything containing offensive language.
  • Explicit sexual references, pornography or nudity.
  • Any of the ‘isms’: racism, sexism, etc.
  • Posts featuring children with photographs of faces or identifying information due to our child protection and safeguarding policies
  • Anything unrelated to traditional song!

To find out more visit http://tradsongtues.org.uk