Singing Weekend October 2021


08 Oct 2021 – 10 Oct 2021
17:00 – 17:00

We are so delighted to be able to welcome you back to Dungworth after the uncertainty of the last couple of years. Our online singing days have been amazing, but there is nothing quite like singing with a group of people singing together in the same space.

The first of our singing weekends to be held since the pandemic will be a little different to previous years to help keep everyone safe. We are strictly limiting numbers to 25 and there will be a single programme of events rather than people breaking into smaller workshops. Everything will take place in Dungworth Village Hall which has enough space to accommodate us with plenty of ventilation and room to spare so we can spread out.

Expect big group sings, singarounds, vocal technique training and thinking about the songs you sing and how to go about making your own versions. The full programme is listed below and the full weekend costs just £80. If you are aged between 18 and 30 we also have three free bursary places available.

If you would like to join us, please complete the booking form and send payment with the relevant reference. If you would like to apply for one of the bursaries please fill in the Bursary Application and return it to the address on the form by Monday 20th September.

If you have any questions please e-mail jenna@soundpost.org.uk


Friday 8th October

  • Registration from 5pm
  • Session 1: 7pm to 9pm – Jess Arrowsmith

Big Sing

Jess will start the weekend off by getting our voices out and warmed up with some group singing – expect goosebumps!

Saturday 9th October

  • Session 2: 10am to midday - Kate Thompson and Harriet Johnson

Exploring Your Voice

You will learn exercises and tricks that will help you get the very best out of your voice and overcome any niggles and frustrations you might have been facing with your voice. Kate and Harriet will address issues such as increasing your range, projection, voice quality and breathing as well as any others you would like to bring up on the day.

  • Session 3: 1pm to 2.30pm – Fay Hield

Traditional Song Editing Part 1

In these two workshops we will work on developing our own new versions of a traditional song. In this first session we will explore the nooks and crannies of several different versions of a traditional song and work out what is interesting for each of us individually to bring into our own version. From here, you will develop a unique set of words for your own song.

  • Session 4: 3pm to 4.30pm – Kate Thompson

Big Sing

Kate will help you use all those exercises and techniques discussed in the morning session to good effect as she leads us through harmony arrangements – more goosebumps!

  • Session 5: 8pm to 10pm – Fay Hield


Fay will lead us in an evening of hearing each other’s voices as we sing around the room.

Sunday 10th October

  • Session 6: 10am to 12pm – Harriet Johnson

Putting it Together - Singing Masterclass

An opportunity for volunteers to participate in a masterclass putting into practice some of the tips and techniques covered in the Saturday session. It can often be difficult to apply and transfer the techniques from exercises to songs. This masterclass will help to explore that transition. Come armed with questions and problems that you would like to tackle and for those wishing to participate, perhaps come with a few lines of a song that you're having trouble with!

  • Session 2: 1pm to 2.30pm – Fay Hield

Traditional Song Editing Part 2

In this second session we will bring the music in, developing tunes from traditional melodies and making them our own, and tweaking the words to gel together into a new piece of music. By the end of both sessions you should have the bones of a new song, and a set of techniques to go away and make many more of your own personalised versions of the tradition.

  • Session 3: 3pm to 5pm – Jess Arrowsmith

Big Sing

Jess will help to finish what we started on Friday night as she takes us through Sheffield Carols and English folk songs in beautiful harmony.

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Fay Hield

Fay Hield is a folk singer and an academic at the University of Sheffield, teaching ethnomusicology and music management. Her research includes looking at the English folk scene to discover how it builds a sense of community, how artists play with traditional materials and how audiences receive them. This work inspired the formation of Soundpost – a safe space to introduce people to the weird and wonderful folk scene and a place for singers and musicians to explore and develop how we do what we do. Alongside the research, Fay tours and records with various projects, including The Full English and her own band, The Hurricane Party.


Harriet Atherton, is a voice specialist and music educator who works extensively with singers, choral societies and educators as a prime advocate of vocal health and safe singing. Since graduating from The University of Sheffield, she has held many teaching and lecturing posts in schools and colleges. She is a regular speaker at conferences and workshops, delivering insightful talks on many aspects of music education, singing and vocal health. Harriet conducts a number of choirs and is a much sought after director for music projects up and down the country. As a choral director she has worked on a number of exciting projects for TV and Radio. Harriet is an eternal student, her postgraduate research focused on voice science in choral singers and ageing voice which prompted her to develop her clinical knowledge further by studying Speech and Language Therapy. Harriet is now a newly qualified Speech and Language Therapist.’

Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson is a sought after voice specialist who delivers voice, singing and music education workshops in an exciting variety of contexts. She has recently completed postgraduate research under the tutelage of voice specialists Jenevora Williams and Declan Costello, focussing on folk singers and their approaches to singing. She is also the artistic director of The University of Sheffield Singers’ Society’s small ensembles.

Alongside teaching, Kate has taken on a number of roles within music education including three fantastic years as General Manager of Soundpost. She is currently Learning and Participation Producer at Music in the Round, overseeing their work across the country which reaches over 17,000 people a year.

Jess Arrowsmith

Jess Arrowsmith is a traditional singer and musician who specialises in English music and song. She explores this material through her duo Jess & Richard Arrowsmith, trio Arrowsmith:Robb and in the Melrose Quartet. Jess Arrowsmith has a passion for social singing and a wealth of experience in both teaching and performance. In her teaching and group leading she specialises in helping singers or would be singers build confidence, improve their technique and unblock barriers.